Soft “Steamed” Eggs

I love a runny yolk. It’s like unadulterated custard….. mmmm (insert slightly sexual moan here). But I cannot stand a runny white. Gross times a million.

Eggs are delicate and can take years to learn how to cook them best. There are so many different ways to cook eggs, and probably just as many ways to screw them up.

Soft boiled eggs always seemed to elude me, even though I had tried many times. But the trick is to not boil them at all, but steam them in a simple vegetable steamer.

Soft Steamed Eggs

  1. Boil a half inch of water in a covered sauce pan.
  2. Once Boiling, place eggs in a steamer basket and place in the sauce pan, and recover with the lid.
  3. Steam for 6 minutes and 45 seconds exactly.
  4. Immediately place eggs in an ice water bath and swirl to cool rapidly.
  5. As soon as you can handle the eggs, peel them quickly, but carefully.
  6. At this point you can put them back in the steamer for another 15-30 seconds to rewarm if you want them hot.
  7. Eat sprinkled with sea salt and fresh cracked pepper.