Can Barbeque/smoked Chicken be Frozen Safely?

Freezing is a preservation process which is done by inhibiting microorganism growth using low temperatures.  Barbequed and smoked chicken can last from 3 to 4 days when kept in a refrigerator.  For long term storage, it can be frozen in a freezer for 3 months.  While freezing, the chicken should be divided into portions that are meal sized.  Barbequed chicken or food itself gives a delicious smoky flavor after freezing.

Best way to freeze the barbequed chicken.

  • Preparing freezing bags before you start and label them with the date and contents.
  • Preparing the chicken into servable sizes.
  • Putting the chicken into freezer bags. Then place them in the refrigerator.

Benefits of Frozen Food

  • Frozen food Minimizes food wastage from the various micro-organisms.

They are relatively cheaper than buying food each time.

  • Especially In vegetables, frozen food is more nutritious because freezing prevents nutrients and vitamin from being lost.

Is frozen smoked chicken healthy?

Frozen chicken and other meat products are classified as processed meats.

Frozen chicken has a lot of fat content. Fat basically provides us with the necessary energy needed in our day to day activities.  Also, the fat itself can lead to risks of heart disease.

Frozen chicken also contains calories in high amount. This is beneficial in maintaining our muscle tissues healthy.

It’s beneficial in that it provides us with important mineral content like selenium and zinc. Zinc is crucial in activating enzymes in our cells which enables them to properly function. It’s also involved in keeping our immune system strong. Selenium is a mineral that our body uses for growth and cell control and keeping our thyroid gland function in check.

Frozen chicken also raises vitamin E and B-12 in the body.  With vitamin E it is helpful in cell communication and also cellular damage protection because it is an antioxidant.  Vitamin B-12 helps in controlling gene activities, and in developing red blood cells and improving nerve functions.

Frozen chicken contain salts and sodium which should be consumed in moderation. Sodium leads or contributes to osteoporosis and also increases your risk of heart disease if consumed in high quantity.